New Hooters Campaign Focuses on Food. Wait, What?


As part of a five year plan to revitalize the brand, Hooters has launched a new campaign designed to appeal to a broader and younger audience that includes women. While the brand's CMO, Dave Henninger promises the tight tops and orange shorts are here to stay, the new campaign will focus on new menu items and new locations.

The campaign, created by Fitzgerald & Co., will, in addition to the television spots, include radio, billboards and social media.

In terms of the spots themselves, they introduce two new finger puppet characters that take on the personas of devil and angel, an attempt to access the psyche of those having an internal conversation with themselves as to whether dining at Hooters is all about the food...or all about the boobs. The ads aim to highlight the food moreso than the boobs.

Of course one of the spots, which, takes on a bit of an Eastbound & Down tone, pulls no punches for its disdain for elderly thighs and its penchant for eating at a restaurant where all the waitresses are hot and stacked. The brand is, after all, called Hooters and it is all about hot waitresses so it can't stray too far from its origins.

And speaking of hot Hooters waitresses, make sure you check out Hooters waitress Danielle Houghton, a Hooters waitress with, perhaps, the biggest hooters of them all.

And here's Eastbound & Down writer and director Jody Hill, who directed the spots, talking about their development.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-12   Click to Comment   
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