Nooner: Slim and Stacked Get Support, Life As Pregnant CEO


- Ladies, are you, as they say, slim and stacked? Well this new ad campaign and product line are for you.

- AKQA Founder Ajaz Ahmed rallies the troops post-WPP acquisition with a motivational internal email.

- Digital KPIs Research has found marketers are currently tracking between five and ten different digital KPIs, 24 per cent of respondents are already monitoring 10-15 and eight per cent are tracking of 16-20 while just 12 per cent keep an eye on less than five indicators. 72 per cent of respondents thought their current data load was about right but 20 per cent conceded that it was too many.

- Yawn. Man proposes to women using billboard.

- Since each campaign launched in Spring 2011, Obama for America spent $26.9 million on digital ads through May 2012, including text messages, according to ClickZ Politics analysis. That's 3.5 times Romney's $7.6 million.

- Relative to recent naming of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, former Lowe New York CEO, Susan Cantor, comments on what it's like to be pregnant while CEO.

- Writing in AdWeek, Mike Shields has some smart pointers for new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.

- Shiny Ads has announced the launch of a new self-serve advertising platform designed for direct sales teams at premium digital publishers to help them create and manage premium ad insertion orders.

- Need to know student's social media habits? Naturally, it's all readily available in an infographic.

- VIA has put forth ten options for an American version of "cheers." The list includes, onward, oorah, rock on, let's roll, and out favorite, yippee ki-yay.

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