Want Bigger Boobs? Credit Union Will Finance Your Breast Enhancement


A mailer sent by the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union carries the headline, "Got Big Plans?", next to the image of a woman with breasts bulging out of her tight top. Copy includes, Preparing for a life change can be overwhelming...you have to live through it and you have to figure out how to afford it...that's where we come in. U.S. Senate FCU is here to help. We can propose products and services to assist you with financing everything big and small."

Of course the ad spawned a petition, outrage and an apology from the credit union. Pretty typical for just about any ad foisting boobs in your face because, you know, boobs are bad. And the bigger they are, it seems, the badder they are. All we can conclude here is that, when it comes to breasts, size really does matter.

by Steve Hall    May-31-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy