@LeeClowsBeard Now A Book!


We just returned from Internet Week and were delighted to find Lee Clow's beard on our doorstep. Well, not literally Lee Clow's beard but a book entitled Lee Clow's Beard written by Dallas-based copywriter Jason Fox (aka @leeclowsbeard) and Lee Clow himself.

Fox started @leeclowsbeard several years ago and he now has 26,000 followers. Of the project, Fox said, Lee Clow's Beard started off ans an experiment. A very small experiment. I wanted to provide bits of insight for fellow ad folks, almost like crumbs of inspiration. And since beards are natural repositories of crumbs, I thought of Lee and his iconic whiskers. He's an ad legend everyone loves, so to have his facial hair act as the tweets' source was a nice way to keep things on the lighter side of the snark meter."

As for Clow, he said, The tweets were somewhat of a mystery. It was all stuff I would have said - advertising and life truisms - stuff I hear all the time from clients and people in the industry. When I found out it was Jason I wanted to meet him. One thing led to another and we decided to make a book."

The book is filled with @leeclowsbeard tweets as well as images of the real Clow himself. You can order the book here. And you can check out a slide show of his Twitter work here.

by Steve Hall    May-21-12   Click to Comment   
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