Buddy Media Adds YouTube to Social Media Management Offering


Social software provider Buddy Media has announced the launch of its YouTube social marketing solution, billed as the first global solution of its kind. With the service, brands and agencies can deploy a suite of social applications which Buddy Media would love for us to call "sapplets." These "sapplets" will help brands and their agencies customize their YouTube pages and deliver relevant social content globally based on a user's country and language settings.

Of the new offering, Buddy Media Founder and CEO Michael Lazerow said, "It's crucial that brands deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, and Buddy Media is the only company that can help brands across the web and now on YouTube. With our best in class social applications now integrated with the world's largest video platform, brands can drive more engagement and ROI from their social marketing programs."

Here's a list of the new "sapplets":

- Branded Video Player: Optimize engagement with video content by creating a customized, user-friendly viewing experience

- Image: Link images, such as banners and photos, and add sharing functionality.

- Quiz: Test your fans with a series of questions and display the results. Encourage fans to share quiz results and track sharing patterns.

- Vote Up/ Down: Allow fans to vote for the content they like most, such as an image of a favored team, and against content they like least, to create a dynamic leaderboard of fan rankings.

- Photo Gallery: Showcase images to maximize fan interaction. Link photos to increase traffic to your website or drive sales.

- Product Gallery: Display product information, such as price, description and images. Funnel fans directly to the shopping cart by adding product links.

- Poll: Give fans an opportunity to provide an opinion and view.

- RSS: Keep fans engaged with dynamic content that automatically populates via a valid RSS feed, such as through Twitter or blogs.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-12   Click to Comment   
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