AMC's 'The Pitch' Makes Its Pitch


Oy. After watching the trailer for AMC's The Pitch we can't help but foresee it as just an extended version of the famed Subway video. We can't comment on the inner workings of most other businesses but we certainly can state that the inner workings of an ad agency are better left inside the walls of said agencies.

Now we're willing to be optimistic and hope this show won't devolve into the pompous foolery depicted so well by Donny Deutsch when he appeared on The Apprentice but we worry for the agencies involved.

The Ad Store, MvKinney, SK+G, WDCW and other off Madison Avenue shops are putting their reputation on the line. We hope the producers don't go for fist bump idiocy. We hope the agency execs can contain their exuberance and give the ad business a good name.

But secretly we hope it's a train wreck. After all, this is reality TV and the train wreck is the center piece of the genre.

by Steve Hall    Mar-27-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies