BloomReach Simplifies SEO, Increases Site Traffic


Are you a brand that wishes you had a more effective way of increasing the number of customers visiting your site and buying your products? Or maybe an agency hoping to the same for a client? Does SEO give you a headache?

We don't normally pimp technology solutions here on Adrants but we stumbled across an explainer video for a company called BloomReach and chose to dig a little deeper. The company, which claims to be able to increase organic search traffic by 80 percent, "maximizes online revenue by getting the most relevant products and services found on any platform." Basically, it's automated SEO and SEM.

n their own words, "BloomReach's core technology is our Web Relevance Engine, which harnesses the power of big data, machine learning and large-scale systems science to match relevant products and services to consumers at scale."

As the amount of content increases exponentially (you have heard of Content Marketing, right?) it's going to get a lot more difficult for people to find what you'd love them to see. It seems like BloomReach is well situated to help. If you're inclined to see how it works, check out this descriptor page on their website or the explainer video below.

by Steve Hall    Feb-22-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Tools