Ferris Bueller Returns...to the Super Bowl!


Oh yes, people! Ferris Bueller is back! And he's back big time. So big that he'll make an appearance during the Super Bowl. Well, at least that's what this teaser has us believe.

With teaser copy that reads, "We hate to be such a tease, but on a day like today, we just have to. Stick it out until the Super Bowl, or take a "day off" on Monday and catch the big reveal," a :15 teaser on YouTube features Ferris, otherwise known as Matthew Broderick, asking the camera, "How can I handle work on a day like today?'

Some say it's a promo for a sequel to the 1986 original. Others beg it's not a teaser for Viagra or Cialis. He's in a hotel room so it could be for a travel site. There are flowers. It could be for a florist. Who knows.

And this is why we love this teaser so much! Most teasers give the entire story away. This one...well, this one is a true teaser. It could be for anything. We are intrigued!

by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Super Bowl 2012