ContactComplete to Make Connecting With Ad Industry Contacts Easier


Are you a media buyer who needs to know who at Conde Nast Digital handles sales for Hotel Chatter or Golf Digest? Are you a sales rep who would love to be able to make just one phone call directly to the media buyer at Saatchi who handles the account you are trying to pitch? Are you a brand marketer who is frustrated because you can't find the right person at TBWA\Chiat\Day to speak with about giving a capabilities pitch to your boss two days from now?

ContactComplete is a community of advertising sales, marketing and business development professionals who pool contacts to find new leads and keep track of existing clients.

It's a crowdsourcing approach to business contact management the company likes to call groupsourcing which can be described as the wisdom of your industry peers vs the wisdom of the crowd. Like crowdsourcing, where information and content are contributed and maintained by the crowd, groupsourcing draws on circles of colleagues or business associates for content and information that is more relevant to those involved.

But cutting through all that buzzword bingo, ContactComplete is basically a streamlined method of finding and contacting exactly who you want to contact in the marketing and advertising industry. It's free to join. In the Beta period members can search and view all contacts except email and phone number. To view that information members need to add 25 contacts. Hey, they have to build the database somehow. It seems to be working. There are already 17,500 members contact records in the platform.

In the future, this will become points-based system where members will be able to "pay" for the service using points acquired by adding or updating contact information. All of which is aimed at offering a service that's more affordable that Advertising Database or Hoover's.

by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12   Click to Comment   
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