Unthink Will Not Unseat Facebook


This, by far, is the most laughable attempt yet to unseat Facebook from its throne atop the Social Media Empire. If Google + can't do it, who the hell else would even bother? Thankfully a few do providing us with plenty of chuckle worthy hilarity. The latest attempt to sway people away from Facebook comes from Unthink, a new social network that's well, not a social network at all. Or so it claims.

Basically, Unthink's claim is that the big boys - Facebook, Google+ and even Twitter - aren't nice, mistreat users and don't respect privacy. All of which may be true. But, as ReadWriteWeb points out, it's like Windows. No one really likes Windows but everyone uses it because, well, everyone uses it. And that's the sole reason any OS or any social network succeeds: scale. If you don't have scale, if all your friends aren't using it then why would you?

That said, we welcome every opportunity to watch a cute little hottie defiantly prance her way down the street like an infant having a hissy fit proclaiming she's had enough, she's nobody's fool, her trust has been broken and it's FU time. Yes. FU time. We'll also take the pouty blond in the push up bra proudly foisting her boobs at us as she, too, joins Little Miss Defiant on a journey towards what, according to the looks of these hipsteresque Unthinkers, will apparently be the biggest pout-fest the planet has ever seen.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-11   Click to Comment   
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