Social Reward Survey Offering Delivers Brands Consumer Insight


Today, social media sponsorship company IZEA announced WeReward Insights, a new survey feature for its WeReward mobile rewards application that helps consumers earn money from brands by performing brick and mortar-related actions with their mobile devices.

Through WeReward Insights, advertisers can offer surveys to segments of the WeReward app user base. WeReward has opt-in demographic data such as purchasing habits at stores and restaurants which can be analyzed and aggregated. That data can then be used by brands to get a real-time snapshot of their consumer's behavior.

Of the offering, IZEA CEO Ted Murphy said, "Brands and consumers directly benefit through the use of WeReward Insights. Advertisers gain unprecedented visibility into the demographics of the respondents because the platform provides them with aggregated information about purchasing, opinions, location, and mobile task behaviors. Consumers who complete surveys are given another way to earn cash rewards for only a few minutes of their time. Our WeReward ecosystem offers the biggest variety of rewards for people to earn money for checking into places, using products, downloading mobile apps, and now completing surveys."

How it works: Brands can set their own WeReward point amounts for each survey, which are placed into the user's account upon completion. Each point is worth one penny, and users can transfer their points to real cash at set intervals to PayPal accounts.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social, Tools