Skechers Takes Sneaker Sexification to New Heights


Who is That Hot Ad Girl made a goof and got the identity of the woman in a Skechers ad incorrect. Hey, it happens. But the error has been corrected and we can move the fact that this whole category of sneakers that make your ass firm is getting pretty hot. This Skechers ad from Spring 2011 makes the Reebok Retone ads look tame by comparison.

In this ad, we have Skechers girl Eleanor Wells dancing around her apartment in a tight top and short shorts that are so short her ass cheeks hang out. We wonder what's next; hotties dancing on the beach in their thongs so we can see without any doubt these ass toning sneakers can eradicate every last instance of cellulite and guarantee women Photoshop perfect legs and ass?

In the midst of all this sneaker sexification, it would be nice if a brand actually spoke the truth. The only thing that's going to firm up your ass and legs is a hell of a lot of work and it isn't going to matter one bit what pair of shoes you wear while shaking your ass around your apartment in your skimpy underwear.

by Steve Hall    Sep-19-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Opinion, Racy