Noses Cleaned, Brief Simplified, Pistachios Pimped


- This is just too funny. World Championship Nose Cleansing. All to promote a nasal spray.

- Having trouble getting started on a creative brief? There's an app for that. Brief Buddy.

- Wonderful Pistachios is out with a slew of new ads featuring the Facebook-slighted Winklevoss Twins, gooy Mr. Bill, crazy Crystal the Monkey, the angry...Angry Birds and the bootylicious Khloe Kardashian.

- Sony Ericsson partnered with artists, intellectuals, and other artists from around the world, provided each with a Sony Xperia phone and asked them to see what they could make with it. Then they documented the project.

- On September 14, K-Swiss will team Jillian Michaels with Comedian Kaitlin Olson for its Killer Body Beatdown Ad Campaign. Crazy workout workout regimes will include the "Muffintop Massacre," "Heinie Hottener," and "Hot Cool Down."

- Buddy Media has released a comprehensive report on what works and what doesn't for brands marketing on Facebook. The reports, entitled A Statistical Review for the Retail Industry: Strategies for Effective Facebook Wall Posts can be downloaded here.

- The Hyper Island school is moving to 250 Hudson Street.

- Be sure to check out Two of Us, the first work from Barbarian Group's Project Popcorn which pairs new hires with seasoned Barbarians. This is the work of recent hire Caelin Cacciatore and seasoned Barbarians John Bresnik and Josh Carr.

- Leon Lett of Thanksgiving Blunder fame makes his a Snickers ad.

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