If You Waste Water, You Are weird


Thank God we don't have to witness yet another idiotic PSA about the importance of saving water. Aside from the fact it's a renewable resource and three quarters of the earth is covered with it, we're sick of being preached to like wasteful sloths who could care less about economizing on anything. Oh wait.

Anyway, if we have to endure someone telling us not to run the dishwasher when it isn't full (who the hell does that?), to turn the water off when we brush our teeth and to make sure we turn the garden hose off when we're not using it, we might as well listen to Rip the Drip.

Working with the EPA's WaterSense, the Shelton Group invented Rip and placed him in three commercials where he gets all weird because, well, according to the campaign, wasting water is weird. So we guess it's all good. We're going to go turn the kitchen faucet on now and see if Rip shows up to get all weird on our ass.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cause, Strange