Young Women Make Old Security Guard Very Happy


Hugh Hefner and every other "older man" will love this one from fashion label YMI. And it begs the question; do young women really like older guys or is it all just a game? A daddy complex? A gold digger scenario? We bet if you ask most older guys, they really don't care what the reason is as long as young, hot women hang with them.

And that's (sort of) what's going on in this YMI video in which two young hotties break into a YMI store, prance and dance around the store in lingerie, dresses and anything else they can find on the racks and have a little fun with the security guard. And, of course, Mr. Security Guard doesn't mind one bit. No, not at all. And who in his place would? He's bored. He's got nothing to do on during the night shift. Why wouldn't he welcome a couple of babes modeling YMI fashions for him and taking pictures of themselves with him?

It's these advertising scenario's guys north of 35 can really appreciate. The notion that, other than in Hugh Hefner's life, there are still various scenarios in which younger women enjoy older men. Of course that's not really the message in this commercial but we're just sayin'.

Thanks to advertising, we do have these unlikely fantasy scenarios to keep us going on a dreary day or when we're feeling a bit down. So thank you, YMI for this one.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy