Meredith to Guarantee Increase in Sales For Advertisers


Today, Meredith Corporation announced The Meredith Engagement Dividend, a new product for marketers that is said to provide a guaranteed increase in sales for their advertising investment in Meredith magazines.

This guarantee was derived from Nielsen's Homescan and Meredith's database of 85 million consumers for its magazines which found advertisers in categories such as beauty, household goods, OTC drugs, and food were able to increase their product sales an average of 10 percent.

In order for advertisers to participate in The Meredith Engagement Dividend utilizing Nielsen analytics, marketers must commit to a minimum level of advertising impressions over a 12 month period across several Meredith titles. The commitment is based on category, with minimum thresholds for frequency and can only be applied for marketers with national advertising schedules.

by Steve Hall    Jul-25-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Magazine