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Murdochs Mocked by Blush Lingerie


Germany's Blush Lingerie is having some fun with the Murdochs in a new print campaign. A new campaign, created to mirror News of the World, mocks the News International phone hacking scandal with headlines such as, "Rupert: Why listen if you can watch?" and "Hello James, look at our little secrets."

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by Steve Hall    Jul-27-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Spoofs

Soccer Stadium Speaks For Nike


Well now. If this doesn't motivate you to get off your fat ass and achieve glory in whatever it is you do, then you're just a hopeless slob. Check out this Nike spot from Argentina which aired last Sunday during Latin America's Copa America. It's called Voice of the Stadium and it was filmed during a practice at Bombonera stadium. The players were caught by surprise. Brilliant. Cannes Lion?

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by Steve Hall    Jul-27-11    
Topic: Best, Commercials

Why Advertising Will Never Portray Reality


In the U.K., where the ever watchful, hawk-eyed Advertising Standards Authority keeps things in check, making a person better looking than they do in real life is now grounds for having your ad banned. L'Oreal has been told to pull a campaign featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington because the images were "overly airbrushed." Not sure anyone literally airbrushes anymore but let's not quibble.

Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson made the original complaint to the ASA saying the campaign consisted of "overly perfected and unrealistic images" and that the images were "not representative of the results the product could achieve." The campaign was deemed to have stepped outside the ASA's guidelines for exaggeration.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-27-11    
Topic: Opinion, Policy

Ford Focus Puppet Ad Spoofed...By Another Puppet


If you aren't familiar with Loren Feldman, you should be. You may not always agree with what he says but you will appreciate his candor and no bullshit approach to all things internet. Over the years, he's gathered together a collection of puppets that he uses to make videos that offer up pointed commentary.

Today Feldman used one of his puppets, Shel Israel (a real person at whom Feldman often pokes fun), to create what he says is a much better version of the Ford Focus commercial that features a puppet.

Feldman's puppet trashes Ford's puppet, Doug, who we kinda liked for trying to pick up the hot female reporter in one of the commercials. But that's besides the point. The spoof is long, you might not appreciate all the humor but it's equally goofy as the original.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-26-11    
Topic: Spoofs

Ice Cream Truck Touts Sungevity Solar Power


To hype its expansion into the Northeast, California-based residential solar company Sungevity has launched Rolling Rooftop, an ice cream truck powered by solar panels and bio diesel. The truck, which will begin its journey this week in New York City, features iPads that will introduce consumers to the company's iQuote process. After touring through NYC, the truck will make its way through New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts and Maryland.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-11    
Topic: Outdoor

Red Lobster: We Sea Food Differently


A new Grey New York-created campaign for Red Lobster features employees of Red Lobster, a first for the brand. Each commercial highlights an employee and what the love about the company. The employee stories are said to be unscripted and come with the new tagline, Se Food Differently."

The campaign also communicates several changes the chain has recently made including the addition of wood-fired grills and certified grill masters.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-26-11    
Topic: Campaigns

Fabio is So Wrong For Old Spice


We're beginning to think this whole Old Spice Fabio thing is just a silly joke from Weiden + Kennedy. Though silly as the joke may be, the agency knows full well we'll all talk about it thereby giving the brand all kinds of free publicity. The problem is, Fabio just doesn't cut it as a man your man wants to be. Does any man really want to be Fabio? He's a romance novel caricature who's a caricature of a caricature.

In his latest video, he can barely get his lines out without stumbling all over them. The man should stick to doing what he does best; posing and keeping his mouth shut.

Definitely a really, really bad joke.

But what do we know? The videos are getting all kinds of views and, really, that's all anyone cares about these days.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-25-11    
Topic: Opinion

Six Comedians Help Microsoft Launch Avatar Kinect


To promote the launch of Avatar Kinect and Kinect Sparkler this week, Microsoft has partnered with six comedians who will use Avatar Connect to create 90 second videos. Each of the videos will be posted on the brand's Facebook page where visitors will be invited to vote for their favorite comedian and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an Xbox and Kinect bundle.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-25-11    
Topic: Promotions, Video

Speedo Hopes to Eradicate Improper Use of its Swimwear


We may never be able to educate those crazy European bathers (or Donny Deutsch) that Speedos are specifically designed for competitive swimmers and not 45 year old men who wish they were 25 but this new work from New York-based Syrup might help. The agency, part of LBi Group, has launched The Speedo Club, a site on which the lithe muscles and bodies of competitive swimmers are highlighted.

On the site, videos illustrate muscle movements and proper swim form. Visitors to the site can join a community and create "swim teams," study training modules to improve their own swimming and download a mobile app that can log workouts. ANd, of course, there's the latest styles of swimwear to be perused as well.

by Steve Hall    Jul-25-11    
Topic: Online

Meredith to Guarantee Increase in Sales For Advertisers


Today, Meredith Corporation announced The Meredith Engagement Dividend, a new product for marketers that is said to provide a guaranteed increase in sales for their advertising investment in Meredith magazines.

This guarantee was derived from Nielsen's Homescan and Meredith's database of 85 million consumers for its magazines which found advertisers in categories such as beauty, household goods, OTC drugs, and food were able to increase their product sales an average of 10 percent.

In order for advertisers to participate in The Meredith Engagement Dividend utilizing Nielsen analytics, marketers must commit to a minimum level of advertising impressions over a 12 month period across several Meredith titles. The commitment is based on category, with minimum thresholds for frequency and can only be applied for marketers with national advertising schedules.

by Steve Hall    Jul-25-11    
Topic: Magazine

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