Cannes Overflows, Sessions Overcapacity, Video Feed Frozen


It's hard enough to absorb all the content presented at Cannes but it's really hard to absorb when you can't even get into the theater or watch the session via video feed. Like some sort of mini-cataclysm, several sessions including the R/GA, LBi and Facebook sessions were filled to capacity today.

Lines were out the door, the overflow theater wasn't open and the video feeds which, normally, can be viewed in various areas around the Palais, including the press room, were frozen. Kinda makes getting what you paid for a bit difficult. Of course, one could argue one simply has to arrive earlier to obtain a seat. But when does and finds the line out the door, up the stairs and around the corner for a session that doesn't even begin for 45 minutes, it stymies things to the point of frustration.

But hey, there's a beautiful beach nearby so there's always something to do, right?

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2008