Rachel Bilson Sells Condoms...Uh...Ice Cream


Perhaps during the last week or so while fast forwarding through commercials, you may have caught a peek at the odd combination of Rachel Bilson and a box of condoms. You think to yourself, "condom ads on TV...no big deal. After all, TV is rife with penile stiffening products, why not condoms too?"

Had you paused and rewound to watch the commercial, you would have seen Bilson who, stuck in a traffic jam, decides to hop out of her car, run over the tops of other cars to chase an 18 wheeler filled with condoms.

Oh wait. Had you actually paid attention while watching the commercial you would have realized it wasn't a commercial for condoms at all. Rather it was Unilever's U.S. introduction of the very questionably (for this country) named Magnum ice cream.

What we don't understand is how someone at Unilever thought selling ice cream under the brand name Magnum wouldn't result in an avalanche of jokes and endless comparison to a product designed to contain something at the opposite end of the temperature scale.

And it's not as if the commercial's creator's didn't have a clue when making this ad. The ad has its fair share of double entendres. When the doors of the ice cream truck open, it's as if Bilson just caught a glimpse of an Oh My God sized erection. And in the closing shot, her face beams with a delightfully satisfied, just-been-ravished look of contentment.

We're not even going to comment on the product's tagline.

While we love a good dick joke, we have to wonder what parents will think when their kids start pulling boxes of Magnum condoms off the drug store shelves thinking it's ice cream.