Local Brewer Pokes Fun at Big Beer Brand Ad Claims


Cultivator Advertising & Design is out with a new TV campaign, Truth in Beervertising, for regional specialty brewer Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado. Four 15-second spots poke fun at some of the bigger beer brands' ad claims.

Each spot features the voiceover of Breckenridge brewmaster and general manager Todd Usry, and, on camera, head brewer Bob Harrington. One spot describes Breckenridge's seasonal Summerbright Ale as "the perfect summer beer," and discloses the brewer's "proprietary" cold test.

Another touts craft-brewed Avalanche Ale's "gravity activated pouring" ("When you tip it, beer goes straight into your mouth. When you tip it back, the beer stops flowing.") Other spots inform "cold is not a flavor," ask "swirly bottlenecks make your beer... swirly?"and educate us that "nearly every beer on the market has at least three hops in it" and that Lucky U IPA is proudly "seven-druple hopped."

Production costs for the ad campaign amonted to about $10K, with all four spots filmed in one half-day on-site at the brewery. All were directed and shot by Adam Fowler of KDVR Fox-31, Denver, on which network they will air exclusively, during local news, Broncos football and Sunday prime time programming. They will also be viewable online, and blog seeded.

by Steve Hall    May-10-11   Click to Comment   
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