SaraLee Wins With Social Couponing


SocialTwist and Sara Lee put together a month-long campaign to promote Jimmy Dean D-Lights sandwiches. Users were offered a $1 coupon on any one package of Jimmy Dean D-Lights 4 count sandwiches, or, if they chose to share the offer with three or more friends, they could receive a $2.50 coupon. There was also a bonus coupon for $0.50 off on Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. SocialTwist's Tell-a-Friend platform was used to help Sara Lee get customers to reach out to friends and family through social networking sites and email. The campaign was seeded with ads on and

In terms of results, 64 percent of people made referrals for the $2.50 offer, 30 percent took the $1 offer and 5 percent took the $.50 offer. Overall, 46 percent of referrals came through SocialTwist and within that 46 percent, 71 percent came through email, 27 percent through Facebook, one percent through Twitter and another one percent through MySpace.

Facebook produced the most clickthroughs with 46 percent of the total. That was followed by email with 39.7 percent, Twitter with 29.3 percent and MySpace with 0.3 percent. Within email, the open rate for referral was 60 percent. For the actual reward, it was 98 percent. And the coupon redemption was 81 percent.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research, Social