Bo.Lt Makes it Easy for Brands to Spread Content


If you're a brand that publishes content on the web and are looking for a way to increase the reach of that content without lifting a finger AND keep all the revenue opportunities (ie. ads on your site), then you should really check out launching in late April., which some might label blatant copyright infringement though it's not, allows anyone to easily create a copy of a web page, make changes to it and share it. Once shared, typical social media behavior sets in and the reach of that page is perpetuated.

As Brian Morrissey points out in DigiDay, publishers may not look upon this all too keenly and with welcome arms. They'll likely see it as stealing content. But as Brian correctly points out, that's old school thinking and the law may even be on the side of those who re-purpose content.

Of publisher's concerns, founder Matt Roche tells DigiDay, "I'm not saying, 'Screw you, I'm doing this anyway. I'm saying it's already happening. People are copying it out and saying what an idiot that writer is. I'm allowing it to happen in a way that lets you see that's happening. What if you see the modified version is read more than the original version?"

He's got a point. After all, isn't it all about the sharing and the spreading of content today? Further reach? Further consumption? Further awareness? And, yes, more eyeballs on the ads which, by the way, cannot be stripped out of the content using has a tracking system that can inform publishers where are how far their content has spread. It's pretty much a win for all involved. Publishers increase the reach of their content and profit from that expanded audience. Brands can make it exceedingly simple for their messaging to spread. And people interested in sharing content can do so easily.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-11   Click to Comment   
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