Nestea's Wonderful Machine Not as Cool as Coke's Happiness Machine


Sorry but we're just not digging this Nestea Wonderful Machine, a retrofitted vending machine that allowed people to remotely remove a bottle from the machine. Apparently, the goal of the campaign was to "reinvent the genre of the claw machine."

Wait, what? The claw machine is a genre? Last we looked, it was just a device at cheesy amusement parks to try and win toys. OK, OK. So they're popular in malls in Israel where the campaign took place but this effort let people grab a bottle of Nestea from the machine over the internet. Which, of course, means they can't even drink the stuff once they've grabbed the bottle.

But we guess it's all OK because somehow winners were chosen and awarded a trip to Sri Lanka. So it's all good, right?

by Steve Hall    Mar-23-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Point of Purchase