Kim Kardashian's Stand Out Parts Help Midori Stand Out


Good God! Between her bulging boobs and her sing-song, come-hither voice, who would ever realize Kim Kardashian was actually trying to sell us something? We can't get past the imagery of her sitting right front of us just talking. About anything. Anything at all.

OK. Back to business. Yes, in this particular case, Kim Kardashina is, indeed, selling us something. She's selling us that strange looking and sicky-sweet tasting liquor called Midori. Hate the stuff. But if Kim's selling, we're...wait...what were we talking about? Oh right. Kim Kardashian's boobs.

No wait. Sorry. We got confused there for a minute. Kim Kardashian wants us to drink Midori. She thinks it's a fashion accessory. And it tastes good. And it's not too strong. And now that she's 30, she's decided to drink. And, for Midori, that's a very good thing.

Random trivia: Kim thinks her best physical feature is her eyes. And she can't even say that without laughing.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity