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Road Safety PSA Urges Us to Slow Down, Appreciate Life


Alright so we were all ready to whip up something snarky about this latest feel-good road safety PSA (it's a trend, you know) until we realized the message within the three minute video is a very important one. We need to slow down. Not just on the road but it life. In every aspect of our lives. We move too fast. Eat too quickly and drive too fast. And this makes us tense and uneasy and takes a toll on out bodies.

We need to breathe. To breath slowly as this PSA encourages. And to appreciate that slow breath and its importance. And to understand that getting there a few minutes earlier really isn't worth the harm life's constant race places upon us.

Some nice work from the Road Safety Council of Western Australia

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by Steve Hall    Mar-24-11    
Topic: Cause

Tehmeena Afzal Wants to Meet You in the New York Mets Dugout


Pretty soon, New York's hottest sports fan is going to run out of teams to support with her bootylicious antics. Tehmeena Afzal, who has already lent her giants to the New York Giants and inflated passion for the New York Knicks, can currently be seen in an ode to the New York Mets that gives us a peek at what baseball might look like if it had a Lingerie Bowl.

And you just might not look at a bat the same way after viewing this video.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-24-11    
Topic: Racy, Video

Hardee's Puts Miss Turkey in Charbroiled Turkey Burger Bikini


We like the logic of this new Hardee's commercial from David & Goliath (who, we wish, would email us instead of slapping a YouTube copyright violation on our ass if they'd like us to remove a spot) that continues the brand's tradition of using hot women in bikinis to sell their sandwiches.

To help everyone remember how great their new charbroiled turkey burger is, the brand hired Miss Turkey and placed her in a bikini with tiny pictures of its charbroiled turkey burger. Explaining this approach, the voiceover concludes with, "And that's just the way it is."

Never before have we heard such truism in a commercial and the complete, unapologetic acknowledgement that sex will, and forever, be used to sell. Nice work, David & Goliath. But please stop tarnishing our image on YouTube by complaining to them about videos YOU sent to us. OK? Are we cool now?

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by Steve Hall    Mar-24-11    
Topic: Brands, Racy

Aflac Seeks New Voice for Duck


Aflac today announced plans for a nationwide casting call to find a new voice for the Aflac Duck. The company plans to hold auditions in six cities across the US during the first week of April.

Live auditions will be held in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Austin and Atlanta. The online casting call is open today and will remain open until April 1, 2011 at midnight Pacific time.

Since 2000, the Aflac Duck has appeared in 52 television ads and numerous radio ads and is said to have increased brand recognition from slightly more than 10 percent to 93 percent. The Aflac Duck is also a symbol of the company's philanthropic cause which has raised more than $62 million for the treatment and research of childhood cancer.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-24-11    
Topic: Brands, Strange

Silverman Does Denny's, Deschanel Doctored, Bundchen Censored


- Here's the second episode of Denny's Always Open from Gotham and DumbDumb. This one stars Sarah Silverman.

- New $7 million campaign says there's much more to do in Vegas than just gamble.

- Zoe Deschanel looks nothing like herself in a new Rimmel London campaign.

- H&M censors Gisele Bundchen for Middle East ad campaign.

by Steve Hall    Mar-23-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Video

Agency Exec's Pet Project Aims to Save Public Schools


So what happens when an ad exec is unhappy with what he sees around him? He gets everyone in his agency to get behind his pet project for pro bono account work. And that's just what Paul Venables, founder of San Francisco's Venables Bell & Partners did when he became upset of the plight of public schools in Marin county California.

Driving around Marin you'd not necessarily realize there were many problems. It's a very upscale and beautiful area but the state has cut $55 million in school aid and things are not going so well on the public school front.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-23-11    
Topic: Agencies, Cause

Nestea's Wonderful Machine Not as Cool as Coke's Happiness Machine


Sorry but we're just not digging this Nestea Wonderful Machine, a retrofitted vending machine that allowed people to remotely remove a bottle from the machine. Apparently, the goal of the campaign was to "reinvent the genre of the claw machine."

Wait, what? The claw machine is a genre? Last we looked, it was just a device at cheesy amusement parks to try and win toys. OK, OK. So they're popular in malls in Israel where the campaign took place but this effort let people grab a bottle of Nestea from the machine over the internet. Which, of course, means they can't even drink the stuff once they've grabbed the bottle.

But we guess it's all OK because somehow winners were chosen and awarded a trip to Sri Lanka. So it's all good, right?

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by Steve Hall    Mar-23-11    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society Solves Lost Sock Mystery


The spin cycle of sadness. All we are saying is give socks a chance. I'm the Johnny Appleseed of missing socks. They're like sweaters on your feet. Kumbaya, my socks. If we're not careful, there's going to be a sockpocalypse.

As a follow up to its clever debut video, LBi has launched its second Sock Loss video for GE. The new PSA is for L.O.S.S. (Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society), continue to explore the mystery behind loss socks and why there always seems to be one missing.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-23-11    
Topic: Good, Online, Social, Strange, Video

ad:tech San Francisco Party Proliferation Begins


If you're heading to ad:tech San Francisco in April, good for you. It's a great conference. Good content. Good networking. And plenty of exhibitors to visit. But let's not forget about a very important component of ad:tech...or any conference for that matter...the parties. The list is growing so it's time to share.

On Monday night April 11, between the first and second day of the three day conference, Moss Networks will host its VIP Mix + Mingle event at Supper Club beginning at 10PM.

On Tuesday night, things get a bit busier. Criteo will host a gathering at Roe from 4PM to 7PM. Advertise.com will hold its tenth anniversary party at Ruby Skye from 9PM to 1AM. Also beginning at 9PM, FriendFinder Networks will present The Marketers Ball at 1015 Folsom.

There are several other invite only parties occurring over the three day event which we'll leave unpublished. Though we'll continue to add to the list ans things are announced. Make sure you bookmark our continuously updated party calendar so you don't miss anything.

by Steve Hall    Mar-22-11    
Topic: Industry Events

QR Code Usage on the Rise


In a recent study commissioned by ad agency MGH, 72 percent of smartphone users indicated that they would be likely to recall an ad with a QR code. The agency conducted the study to determine the usage of QR codes - a technology that uses barcode-like images containing information which can be scanned an read by using an application on a smartphone.

Top usage of those who said they've used a QR code was to secure a coupon, deal or discount (53 percent). Other uses of a QR code included:

- Secure a coupon, deal or discount (53%)
- Access additional information (52 percent);
- Enter a sweepstakes (33 percent);
- Sign up to receive more information (26 percent);
- Access video (24 percent).

Full results of the study are available here.

by Steve Hall    Mar-22-11    
Topic: Research

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