'How to Make a Blog' Book Offers Chance to Crap All Over Adrants


We don't normally pimp books here on Adrants. Oh we have occasionally in the past but, seriously, business books, for the most part, are dull, dry and boring. And way less interesting than a story about a busty, bikini-clad celebu-hottie offering up her bulging breasts to sell a product, right?

But we're going to break that norm for a minute here and feature a book called How to Make A Blog? Why, you ask as you yawn, lean back and almost fall out of your chair while dozing off to sleep from boredom? Because we're in the blog book! That's why.

Hey, we don't even remember what we said in the book but it has to be awesome, right? After all, we're awesome, right? OK, so maybe that's assuming too much coming from a person and a site that leans heavily towards featuring the more guttural aspects of advertising. But from time to time we surprise with nuggets of wisdom and practical information you can use the next time you...create an ad campaign featuring a busty, bikini-clad hottie offering up her bulging breasts to sell something. Right?

So check the book out. Besides, it's free so you have nothing to lose. And, if what we said in the book sucks, you can come right back here and leave a nasty comment regarding our insipid idiocy and apparent lack of anything remotely resembling intelligence. Sound fair?

by Steve Hall    Mar- 5-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Publishing