Joan Rivers the New GoDaddy Girl


Now we were all probably expecting some super hot chick to be unveiled as the new GoDaddy Girl but not in a million years would we have guessed it would turn out to be Joan Rivers. Which, of course, now makes us feel really creepy for leering over all the tease shots GoDaddy sent out leading up to the reveal.

What really makes the spot works is this line of copy Joan utters part way through the commercial: "If you want look like me you want shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and and extensive surgery for dinner." And we have to admit we love the reference to her ass as "the gift shop."

Of course GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons ruins the spot by making an appearance at the end when he says, "What did I tell you? domain names. They're gonna be huge."

Now the real question is this. Is that really Joan's body or is that some serious digital manipulation. or is this online version of the spot just a spoof of the real commercial that will unveil a more typical GoDaddy Girl.

You can view the internet version of the commercial on GoDaddy's homepage.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Super Bowl 2011