Buying Mobile In-Game Advertising to Get A Whole Lot Easier


Wouldn't it be nice if buying ads within mobile games was as easy as buying ads across websites with Google AdWords? That simplicity, it seems, will become reality with the launch of Tap Me, a mobile gaming ad platform that promises to make ad insertion easy for game developers and ad buying easy for brands and their agencies.

Kleiner Perkins says the mobile gaming space is a $50 billion marketplace with 300 million gamers worldwide who spend more time playing games and social networking than they do making phone calls and sending messages.

We've seen a demo of the platform and it is, indeed, simple. A major tenet of the offering is that game play will not be interrupted. Advertisers can buy keywords across the network associated with game play such as speed, agility, reload, energize and have their ads appear during those non-play moments of the games.

So simple, even a...oh wait...that tagline's already taken.

by Steve Hall    Feb-28-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Games, Mobile/Wireless