Bridgestone's 'Reply All' Tops Most Buzzed List


And here we go with yet another study concerning the performance of this year's Super Bowl ads. This time it comes from Zeta Interactive. The study scans more than 100 million blogs and online sites and factors in both volume and tone of posts each commercial receives. The study found overall buzz surrounding this year's Super Bowl commercials was significantly more positive than that of last year. Here's a look at differences between last year and this year:

- Leading into last night's game, expectations around the commercials were relatively low, as the tone around Super Bowl ads was 72% positive.
- However, in the 12 hours since the game started, tone around Super Bowl commercials has risen by 11% to 83% positive overall. This is a 14% improvement from last year, when overall buzz around the commercials was just 69% positive.

- The average tonal buzz ranking around a commercial at this year's Super Bowl was 83.5% positive, whereas last year it was just 74% positive.
- Not only has tonal buzz improved from last year, but the overall quantity of posts has risen significantly as well:
- In the 12 hour period since the Super Bowl started, Super Bowl ads are already receiving 9% more volume than they did in the entire 24-hour period following last year's game.

- One similarity to last year's game is that Super Bowl ads are currently receiving the 2nd most volume of all events that happened in the game.
- Game: 5,917 posts
- Ads: 3,241 posts
- National Anthem (Christina Aguilera): 2,490
- Halftime Show (Black Eyed Peas): 1,711

The Top Ten

1. Bridgestone "Reply All" - 94% positive
2. Pepsi Max "First Date" - 92% positive
3. Volkswagen "Darth Vader" - 91% positive
4. Bridgestone "Beaver" -- 90% positive
5. NFL "Happy Days/Best Fans in the World" -- 90% positive
6. Chrysler "Detroit/Eminem" -- 87% positive
7. CarMax "Hijacked" -- 86% positive
8. E-Trade "Enzo" -- 85% positive
9. Bud Light "Dog Sitter" -- 85% positive
10. (TIE) BMW "Changes" and Mercedes Benz "Diddy" -- 84% positive

The Bottom Five

1. Doritos "I Love Doritos/Finger Lickin' Good" -- 55% positive
2. Doritos "House Sitting" -- 60% positive
3. Motorola "Xoom/Love" -- 65% positive
4. TeleFlora "Faith Hill" -- 68% positive
5. Bud Light "Knights" -- 69% positive

Further Findings:

- When looking at brands specifically, Bridgestone was clearly the "winner" of this year's Super Bowl ads, according to Zeta Buzz. The brand's "Reply All" and "Beaver" commercials finished in 1st and 4th place, respectively. Bridgestone was the only brand to have more than one commercial in the Top 10.

- Additionally, overall buzz surrounding the Bridgestone brand itself has skyrocketed overnight, going from 76% positive in the 1-month before the Super Bowl, to a year-long high of 93% positive since the Super Bowl kicked off last night.

- Following Bridgestone as the most positive buzzed brands post-Super Bowl are Bud Light (91% positive), Coca Cola (90% positive), Hyundai (90% positive) and Volkswagen (88% positive)

- While Bridgestone was the big brand winner of this year's Super Bowl ads, Doritos was clearly the biggest loser. After coming away with the #2 best buzzed ad in last year's Super Bowl ("Hands off My Mama"), Doritos didn't even manage to have one ad crack the Top 20 rankings in this year's game, and its "Finger Lickin' Good" and "House Sitting" commercials received the two worst buzz rankings of all ads at this year's game.

- Bud Light is the only brand to have both an ad in the Top 10 buzz rankings, as well as the Bottom five rankings, with its "Dog Sitter" finishing in 9th overall, while its "Knights" ad was the 5th worst buzzed of the game.

- For the 2nd year in a row, Bud Light is currently receiving more volume than any other brand that advertised at the Super Bowl, with 1,724 posts since the game kicked off last night. This represents more than 12 times the brand's daily average of posts prior to the Super Bowl.

- The average daily volume increase for an advertiser at this year's Super Bowl is approximately 625%. This represents a 130% increase from last year, when the average Super Bowl advertiser experienced a 495% daily volume increase the day after the game.

- Pepsi Max's "First Date" ad was clearly associated the most with humor, while VW's "Darth Vader" ad was clearly associated with being cute. For example, two of the most popular words and phrases used to describe "First Date" online were "hilarious" and "funny", while two of the most popular words and phrases used to describe "Darth Vader" were "cute" and "enjoy".

A few more signs that this year was an "up" year for Super Bowl ads compared to last:

- The lowest buzzed ads to crack the Top 10 rankings this year were 84% positive (Mercedes "Diddy" and BMW's "Changes"), whereas the #10 buzzed ad on last year's list was just 77% positive in tone (Boost Mobile "Boost Shuffle".

- Amazingly, 27 ads received tonal buzz rankings of 80% or better at this year's game, whereas only eight ads received an 80% or higher positive tonal ranking last year, and only 15 ads registered scores of 80% or higher in 2009.

- The #10 best ranking at this year's game (BMW "Changes" and Mercedes "Diddy") received an 84% tonal ranking, which would have placed it 8th overall at last year's game.

- Automotive brands dominated this year's Super Bowl ad buzz rankings, with six out of the Top 10 ads representing companies in the auto category. This represents a stark contrast from last year's Super Bowl, where parity reigned supreme, as 6 different industries were represented in the Top 10 ads, with beverage, online sites and auto categories all sharing the lead with 2 each.

Here is the breakdown by industry of the top ten ad rankings:

- Auto: 60% (Bridgestone (2), Volkswagen, CarMax, BMW/Mercedes)
- Beverage: 20% (Pepsi Max, Bud Light)
- Online Sites: 10% (E-Trade)
- Other: 10% (NFL)

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