Why? Why? Why? Why Are You Eating Subway?


Once again hyping their low fat menu items, Subway, with help from Proof Advertising, has launched Walk and Talk, a series of TV and radio commercials that try to find out why people frequent Subway.

In the commercials, a man with way too much time on his hands and a level of nosiness that would otherwise land him on the floor after being decked by all the people he bothers is amazed when he he sees a co-worker carrying a Subway bag and begins to pummel the guy with questions as to why he's eating healthy.

The first spot focuses on the health benefits of the brand and the second focuses on value. Though

Proof Advertising copywriter Bud Hasert discusses the campaign's approach, saying, "We knew that all Subway restaurants use clear to-go bags. So, while a person's good eating habits are easy to spot, it became a challenge to try to guess their long-term intentions. And the story just got ridiculous from there."

Ridiculous, indeed. Though funny. After all, everyone knows a buffoon like the one in this campaign who simply won't shut up and won't leave us alone.

by Steve Hall    Jan-18-11   Click to Comment   
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