Town Changes Name From Speed to Speed Kills


- When Naomi Campbell travels to Moscow she stays at The Legend of Tsvetnoy apartment complex, conveniently owned by her billionair boyfriend Vladamir Doronin.

- Here's a really terrible spoof pimping an eighty-blade razor from Gillette.

- Oh and here's an equally bad ad. This is the Jesus Hates Obama ad everyone is talking about.

- Google Co-Founder Larry Page is taking over for Eric Schmidt who is stepping down as CEO of the search giant. Schmidt will stay on as executive chairman.

- In a survey, African America mobile users were found to have the highest recall rates for ads on their mobile devices.

- Following a boycott request from the Parents Television Council, Taco Bell has pulled its advertising from MTV's controversial Skins over concerns about the show's racy content.

- In a campaign to call attention to road safety, the town of Speed in Australia promised to change its name to Speedkills if it received 10,000 Likes on Facebook. Well it got more than double so crews will be out changing signs in the coming weeks.

- Heather tells her story about how she was shuffled from hospital to hospital before New York Presbyterian decided to take her in and remove her cancerous tumor.

by Steve Hall    Jan-24-11   Click to Comment   
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