Ted Williams, Bus Shelters, Kardashians Among Top Stories This Week


This week's top stories on Adrants caused us to ponder whether or not Kraft's choice of Ted Williams was right for the brand, get excited about the lowly bus shelter, laugh at sharks, admire the T-Mobile babe mock AT&T and Verizon, engage in a bit of voyeurism, revisit childhood with Audi's use of "Goodnight Moon," look at lingerie once again, watch advertising get Cheezberger'd, revisit Kim Kardashian's cleavage and wonder how the hell that family got so famous and, finally, once again, listen to yet another researcher tell us using celebrities in advertising is a waste of money.

1. Was Hiring Ted Williams a Smart Choice For Kraft?
2. Caribou Coffee Bus Shelter Oven Warms Commuters
3. If You Eat Snickers Peanut Butter Squared A Shark Will Eat You
4. T-Mobile Babe Mocks Verizon and AT&T
5. Peeping Tom Video An Agent Provocateur Promotion
6. Audi 8 Says 'Goodnight Moon' to Excess
7. Lingerie Sells Car Insurance. Wait, What?
8. Advertising Gets I Can Haz Cheesburger'd
9. Kardashian Sisters Hook up With Sears For Kardashian Kollection
10. Yet Another Study Claims Celebrity Endorsements Are A Waste of Money

by Steve Hall    Jan-16-11   Click to Comment   
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