Super Bowl Creeps Into This Week's Top Adrants Stories


Heated bus shelters, stupid banned Super Bowl commercials, Canada's love for truth in advertising, Advertising Age's hissy fit over banned Super Bowl commercials, Yahoo's undying commitment to survival, GoDaddy's nw GoDaddy Girl, hot office management staff, Subway oddities, sites that make it easy to quit your job and movie trailers that take over the Super Bowl are front and center in this week's top stories here on Adrants.

1. Caribou Coffee Bus Shelter Oven Warms Commuters
2. FOX Says No to Ashley Madison Super Bowl Ad
3. Canada Calls For Truth in Advertising

4. Ad Age Bans Banned Super Bowl Ads. Adrants Soldiers On
5. Yahoo Wants Us to Know it Still Does Email
6. And the New GoDaddy Girl is...A Pair of Legs
7. Firstborn Has Hottest Office Management Staff
8. Why? Why? Why? Why Are You Eating Subway?
9. Site Makes It Easy to Quit Your Agency Job
10. Movie Trailers to Have Heavy Presence During Super Bowl

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Racy, Super Bowl 2011