Subservient Chicken + Steroids = Max My Dreams


For Johnson& Johnson's Pepcid AC, Barbarian Group, along with JWT New York, has launched Max My Dream, a site which transforms a visitor's dreams into an animated experience that can be shared. To do so, the agency built a custom language processor capable of recognizing more than 16 thousand keywords and how they relate to one another.

Much like the agency's famed Subvervient Chicken it created for Burger King, a visitor simply responds to the phrase, "I dreamed that...," and waits for the dream to be transformed into an animation. Some interpretations are better than others.

For example, when we typed, "I dreamed that the Empire State Building turned into a rocket ship," an animation of a cityscape and a rocket was returned. However, when we typed, "I dreamed that Adrants beat Advertising Age in a cage match, we were returned imagery of the sky with a hammer floating amongst the clouds."

No complaints though. This stuff is fun. Though this project appears to have much more computing power behind it than Subservient Chicken did, there was something uniquely enjoyable about seeing an actual person in an actual chicken suit do almost exactly what you instructed. Max my Dream is more like a really powerful computer animation program.

Here's a video that takes a look at the project's creation and for the serious geeks, here's a blog post about the technology used to created the site.

by Steve Hall    Jan-21-11   Click to Comment   
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