Study Examines Role of Mobile in Top Advertiser's Growth


The December SMART Report is out and it takes a look at the top mobile advertising verticals and what advertisers are doing to increase the likelihood consumers will respond to their calls to action. Here are some of the top-line finding.

- Telecommunications was the top vertical for mobile advertising. This was primarily driven by carriers and device manufacturers that doubled down their mobile buys doing the holiday season. Windows Phone 7 devices in particular relied heavily on mobile advertising.

- Six verticals had triple digit growth year-over-year. Automotive grew 623% and Retail & Restaurants grew 572%

- 49% of mobile campaigns were designed to drive consumers to a website. 16% of campaigns were designed to drive app downloads

- Leveraging the increasing consumer desire to use LBS as part of the mobile experience, 22% of campaigns used a "store locator" as the desired campaign action.

- 14% of campaigns had a "social media" post-click campaign action--where consumers can interact with FB or Twitter, or perhaps post pictures to a custom site

- 57% of campaigns used a general broad reach, while 43% targeted a specific audience. Of the targeted campaigns, targeting by demographic was the most popular method.

You can grab the full report here.

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research