Firstborn Has Hottest Office Management Staff


Yea, yea, yea. We're supposed to concentrate on how this video is a great way to share with the industry just how great Firstborn is but why? Really, why? Every agency's got some ego-driven, of self-congratulatory video illustrating how wonderful they are, how amazing creative they are and why they would be the coolest place for a marketer to have their brand handled.

So we're going to skip right over all of that crap and focus on what's most important. Yes. We're going to highlight the fact that Firstborn has the cutest, sexiest. hottest looking office management staff in the advertising industry. We've seen hot creatives; AEs so sexy you can't concentrate on work; and receptionists who could be Playboy models. But, rarely does the office management staff rise to the upper levels of the hotness scale.

So today we say hi to Firstborn's Sarah Pope and Lauren Ramsey. Thanks for smiling at us.

by Steve Hall    Jan-19-11   Click to Comment