You're an Asshat for Calling 'Dibs' on That Parking Space


This campaign is sure to spark some street fighting. In cities hit by heavy winter weather, calling "dibs" on a just shoveled parking space is common practice. But it's not legal. And this new campaign from Chair Free Chicago aims to put an end to the practice of placing chairs in parking spaces as a means to claim them.

Chair Free Chicago has published three signs Chicagoans can download and place in shoveled spaces to make it known saving (hogging?) parking spaces is not appreciated.

Signs range in tone from the apologetically admonishing Minneapolis Mad ("It's just so gosh darn snowy here in Chicago, if everyone started saving spaces, why, we wouldn't have anywhere to park!") to the more aggressive New York Mad ("Consider yourself a selfish prick, you selfish prick."). There's even an option for those who believe actions speak louder than words ("Free! Please take me home, I'm all yours.").

Our favorite is the New York version which drops "asshat" into the copy.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-10   Click to Comment   
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