Tehmeena Afzal Inflates Passion For New York Knicks


Tehmenna Afzal is, again, showing her love for New York-based sports. In late October, Afzal lent her considerable assets to the New York Giants for a video that we said could "only be described as one of the sexiest football-related videos you will ever see."

Well, she's out with another video. This time, for the New York Knicks which, like before, can only be described as the sexiest basketball-related video you will ever see. And the basketball in this video can only be described as the luckiest basketball ever to have been inflated.

In the video, shot in obligatory slow motion of course, we are treated to shot after delicious shot of the stunningly sexy Afzal whose bulging breasts are so big they have ripped their way through a Kicks jersey providing full view of her endless cleavage.

Having her way with the basketball, Afzal, clad in tight panties and thigh high socks, mesmerizes with long, seductive looks into the camera lens and further fulfills fantasies by caressing her giants and the rest of her incredible hotness. In slow motion, natch.

After working out by doing a few jumping jacks, a prerequisite for any video featuring a woman with breasts as large as these, we are treated to a striptease of sorts where we see Afzal, her back to the camer, remove her top unveiling her prodigeous pulchritude.

Somehow, the New York Knicks benefit from this tantalizing flesh-fest.

by Steve Hall    Dec-27-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy