Sometimes All You Need is a Logo


So there's this thing in the advertising business where the work a company does to determine a brand's vision, mission, essence and position is supposed to carry significant value. And it should. After all, it's what's going to affect how a potential customers perceive a brand. But what if all you want is a logo and none of the lengthy, mumbo-jumbo filled platitudes that come with it?

That's where companies like Logo Mojo come in. We know. We know. We just heard every creative in the ad business groan with contempt for what they perceive to be creative chop shops. Companies with no true understanding of what a brand needs to survive in today's crazy advertising world. And any site on which there's an "Order Now" button can't possibly be worth anyone's time, right?

But, again, what if you just need a friggin' logo without all the bullshit? That's the world companies like Logo Mojo live in. They'll even tweak your existing logo so that it works better with Twitter's new layout. And if you want your employees to stare at your logo all day long, they make wallpaper for your employee's phones.

Now if you're an agency, don't worry about companies like this stealing business from you. Not at all. Run right out and hire them. Pay them a few hundred dollars for a bunch of designs, pass them off as your own, mark the work up a few thousand and send the client an invoice.

Oh come on. You've never done this before? Of course you have. Be honest, now.

Yes, this is a sponsored post and it's brought to you by Logo Mojo.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Tools