Most Read Adrants Stories of 2010


Cats, breasts, little girls, Tehmeena Afzal, Twilight, SEO, law school, cheerleaders, stewardesses, time travel, guns, Christina Aguilera, men who smell like you want your man to smell like, Lindsay Lohan, thongs, six packs, cup sizes and, surprise, the use of sell to sell in advertising. That's the list of topics that top the top stories here at Adrants for 2010. Relive all this and more with our list of the top twenty stories of the year below:

1. Cat Unleashes Ample Breasts in Public Market
2. Should Marketers Eliminate Sex As An Advertising Strategy?
3. Tehmeena Afzal Lends Her Giants to the New York Giants
4. Little Girl Spawns Dance Craze For Samsung
5. Near Naked Twilight Star Ashley Greene Fronts Drool-Worthy SoBe Campaign

6. SEO Company Wants Three Way With Adrants
7. Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Device Perfect For Branded Apps
8. Law School Shocked Over Racy Diesel Ad Shoot
9. Christina Aguilera Fragrance Ad Dubbed Soft Porn
10. Girls With Boobs...Uh...Guns Pose For Charity
11. Models Sought For Spec Lingerie Commercial
12. Dr. Pepper Offers Bouncing Cheerleader Boobs on Chatroulette
13. Russian Stewardesses Wash Airplane While Wearing Bikinis
14. Hello Ladies. I'm on A Horse. And I Smell Like Old Spice
15. Lindsay Lohan to Appear Nude in Handbag Campaign
16. Thong-Clad Bootyliciousness to Increase Xbox Sales
17. Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Six Pack For Georgio Armani
18. Where is the Line When it Comes to Sexualized Imagery?
19. La Senza's Cup Size Choir Celebrates Holiday Season
20. Newsflash! Study Proves AXE Does, Indeed, Attract Women!

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Topic: Agencies, Brands, Commercials, Racy, Trends and Culture