iPad Drinkspirated, Games Socialized, Honda Gets Naughty


- Absolut is out with an iPad version of its Drinkspiration app.

- To help raise money for the United Way, Colle+McVoy has launched Happy Exchange where everyone is invited to join the effort by posting their smile for just $1.

- Calling McDonald's a "hip hangout" is never a good thing. Especially in a forced product placement.

- Former buy.at executives have launched Performance Horizon Group which is out with new products aimed at improving campaign management for agencies and lead generation for publishers.

- Gossip Girl's Blake Lively has been tapped (not literally, of course...because that would be gross) by Karl Lagerfeld to front his Winter/Spring 2011 Chanel ad campaign.

- 6 Reasons why social games are the next advertising frontier

- Five lessons to social media success from in-house corporate marketers.

- Think we've seen this guy before but here he is in a holiday video for Closer Look.

- Honda gets naughty. And nice.

Do you really want your 12 year old daughter wearing a t-shirt with a Playboy logo on it? We thought not. And so does the U.K. government.

- Lance Jensen who founded Boston-based Modernista has moved to Hill Holiday.