Backseat Sex Sells Lingerie


We saw this video months ago, could have sworn we wrote about it but can't find evidence of it anywhere. So...we'll write about it now. Because that's what we do. The video is for Forrester & Bob Underwear and, yes, like all lingerie commercials, it's salacious, sexy and filled with hotness. And a tiny bit of nudity too so beware if you or your boss are afraid of such things.

In the ad, called DIY, a woman, Sarah Grünewald, dressed, natch, in lingerie has her way with herself in the back seat of a car as we, the viewer, look on. Accompanying her sexual gyration is a Adam James Cuz tune aptly titled Energetic Pumping. Which is what some people might end up doing after watching this video too many times.

In a San Francisco Chronicle interview, we told Violet Blue, Initially sexual imagery can 'sell' - when it comes to attracting attention to an ad. After all, humans are innately programmed to respond to titillating imagery and the possibility of sex. It's just in our DNA. So it's natural for marketers to use this attraction and for people to respond. But, it can be a lame cop-out used by marketers who lack imagination to create more compelling work that will sustain itself beyond the initial titillation. Despite studies minimizing its benefits, sex will continue to be used in advertising because it's a quick and easy solution which doesn't require much thought and can garner the immediate attention some marketers need for their promotional efforts. "

What are your thoughts? Is the sex sells approach here to saty? Does it work? Is it a lame creative cop out? Please share your thoughts.

Forrest & Bob Underwear from Henrik Adamsen on Vimeo.

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-10   Click to Comment   
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