Adrants Selects The Hottest Ads of 2010


What would Adrants be if it weren't for our annual celebration of the sexiest, hottest, most tantalizing ads of the year? Advertising Age? Probably not but you can't get what we've got over there because, well, they have rules. Journalistic integrity. And a reputation to uphold. Us? We starve to bring you the good stuff every day of the year.


Anyway, here's a roundup of the 21 hottest ads of 2010. Who can forget Diesel's recent ad campaign shoot at the Brooklyn Law School library which sent everyone into a tizzy of Puritanical Proportion? Or Tehmeena Afzal who "lent her giants to the New York Giants" in a video that will truly make you want to "play" something completely different after viewing. Good God, the woman is hot!


The stunning allure of this Oh La La Cheri video had us wanting to give up writing about advertising all together and become a fashion photographer. These Dim Lingerie-enhanced breasts had a cat so excited he had to rip the woman's bra off in a public market. And speaking of breasts, if you like really big ones, we guarantee you'll love this Bennets Motorcycle Insurance video featuring the pendulous pulchritude of the 32G-equipped Lucy Pinder whose breasts test the limits or her bathing suit's ability to properly contain the cavernous cleavage of her mountainous mammeries.


What would a year of sexy ads be without an ad filled with gratuitous, slow-motion shots of a team of beach volley ball players dancing in the sand for the benefit of their fans? And in case you were wondering, the purpose of their bootylicious gyration was to promote Club Seat, a Volkswagen Group UK promotional entity.


If you're a fan of the insanely hot Justene Jaro and love to watch women frolic in their underwear while wearing kicks then you'll love this video shot by Jeffery Woodings. Only after regaining your composure will you realize it's a long-form ad for Nike's Ait Max 90. Does sex sell or does it just distract and confuse?


If you're one of those people who thinks it's objectifying to ask female flight attendants (no, you can't call them stewardesses any longer) to strip off their uniforms and wash their airline's airplanes then you had better not watch this video for Avianova Airlines...which illustrates that very scenario. Just think of it as a bikini car wash but for airplanes.


This next one falls squarely into the public service announcement category. Because, after all, doesn't everyone need to be educated about the proper techniques to administer CPR? And if vivid retention of educational learnings are to be associated with intense physical sensation (hey this has been proven) then this PSA has accomplished its mission successfully.


What a thong-clad, pink miniskirt-wearing woman whose nipples prominently protrude from underneath a pink top covering her braless breasts has to do with selling magazine subscriptions we care not. All we care about is that a thong-clad, pink miniskirt-wearing woman whose nipples prominently protrude from underneath a pink top covering her braless breasts is doing just that while playing squash and looking like she's about to have an orgasm.


So, it's date night. The babysitter is about to come over. Will she be hot? Or will she be a Nanny McPhee? Will she be wearing a tight mini-dress that hangs off her left shoulder? Or will she have facial anomalies and a rogue buck tooth? Will her long legs be affixed to high-heeled black boots? Or will she be covered head to toe in a frock? Will she be there to take care of your children? Or will she be there to take care of you? Che Magazine ponders the question.


Teenage boys are easily amused. Stupid online videos. Cartoons. Video games. Oh and let's not forget the unbelievably amazing bootylicious ass of stunningly epic proportion in a thong sitting on a chair playing Xbox. Now what better way is there to get a guy interested in, well, anything a woman like that is doing?

And if all that weren't enough, make sure you check out each of the 21 Hottest Ads of 2010 below. We guarantee you'll have a good time.

1. Law School Shocked Over Racy Diesel Ad Shoot
2. Miranda Kerr Wants You to Get Into Bed With Her
3. Tehmeena Afzal Lends Her Giants to the New York Giants
4. Orgasmic Screams in Anne Summers Ad Dubbed Too Racy
5. This Lingerie Commercial Will Make You Want to...
6. Cat Unleashes Ample Breasts in Public Market
7. Selling Motorcycles Insurance 101: Hot Babes with Big Boobs
8. Beach Volleyball Hotties Gyrate in Slow Motion For Club Seat
9. Fishnet Stockings and Cupped Breasts Urge Australians to Vote
10. The Unbelievable Hotness of Justene Jaro Sells Nike Air Max 90's
11. Russian Stewardesses Wash Airplane While Wearing Bikinis
12. Heimlich Maneuver Like You've Never Seen it Before
13. CPR Like You've Never Seen in Before
14. Axe Brings Male Fantasy to Life: Fold Out Sofa Hotties
15. The Game of Squash is Hotter Than You Think
16. Big Boobs Banned by Network, Lane Bryant Pissed
17. Che Magazine Delivers the Babysitter
18. Hot Girls! Whipped Cream! Lingerie! Pillow Fight! Yawn.
19. Thong-Clad Bootyliciousness to Increase Xbox Sales
20. All Women Do Housework in Lingerie, Right?
21. Sexual Fantasy Nets New Domain Name was it?

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