Kardasians Continue Celebrity Endorsement Parade


Despite the fact 78 percent aren't swayed by celebrity endorsements, MasterCard is moving ahead with a Kardasian sisters-branded card. And, as Holly McKay writes on Fox News, MasterCard isn't alone. Brands can't sign deals fast enough these days.

We weighed in on this phenomenon telling Fox News, "Celebrity endorsements fall into the 'whatever works' category of marketing. If a brand thinks a particular celebrity will catch the attention of the public, in a good way or bad way, they will strongly consider signing a deal with them. In some cases, the more ridiculous the better, and currently what sells is the trashiest trash one can find about a celebrity."

We guess that makes signing a deal with the Kardasian sisters the perfect move for MasterCard.

And, despite the tactic's detractors - and there are many - celebrity endorsements aren't going to end anytime soon.

We further commented to Fox News, "Celebrity endorsements will only stop once the public's desire for it ends. But since everyone seems to enjoy their daily dose of schadenfruede, or more positively, fixation with and desire to emulate the life of a celebrity, it doesn't seem likely celebrity endorsements will end any time soon."

So, there you have it. Keep signing those deals, marketers and paying your celebrities millions of your marketing dollars. Seventy eight percent could care less but that leaves you 22 percent who do. And that's a whole lot better than a 0.3% banner click through rate, right?

by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-10   Click to Comment   
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