Just Because She's Drunk Doesn't Mean She Wants It


With the realization over half of all sexual assaults are alcohol-related, SAVE, a collection of cause groups fighting sexual assault, has launched the Don't Be That Guy campaign. Targeting 18-24 year old men, the poster campaign carries straight forward messaging that includes the headlines, "Just because you help her home ... doesn't mean you get to help yourself and "Just because she isn't saying no ... doesn't mean she's saying yes." A third, to be placed above urinals in men's rooms, will carry the headline, "Just because she's drunk doesn't mean she wants to f***."

The ads are intended to be graphic and blunt and aimed at getting oversexed men to realize a person who's drunk cannot consent to having sex.

Of the direction they took with the campaign, SAVE's Karen Smith said, "This innovative SAVE committee believes that, as long as society directs prevention strategies at women, we all stop looking at what the real problem is - the perpetrators."

Hear that guys? Just because she's drunk and all hot looking doesn't mean you can whip it out and have your way with her.

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-10   Click to Comment   
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