Idiocy as Ad Strategy Perpetuated in Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Ad


Guess it's time for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl thing again. And along with that, the continuous perpetration of man (the species) as idiotic imbeciles. To be clear, we're not talking about the idiocy and stupidity of this particular ad's creators. Not at all. Rather the supremely idiotic behavior displayed by one of the characters in the ad.

One would hope that after a certain period of time working as a SWAT team member on a stake out, said SWAT team member would realize the importance of keeping quiet while monitoring a potential heist. Sadly, this particular SWAT team member in this Doritos Crash the Super Bowl submission still needs a bit more training before he's assigned another stake out.

As a commercial it's not bad. After all, everyone loves to feel smarter than everyone else and what better way to accomplish that than to portray people as a blithering idiots. That said, haven't we beat this particular approach to death ever since the birth of the Verizon Dumb Dad?

Doritos - Stakeout (Crash the Super Bowl 2011) from Cam McHarg on Vimeo.