Gap Campaign Integrates 'Add to Foursquare' Button


First came Like. Then came Twitter. Then came Foursquare sitting in a Gap ad. OK, so that doesn't rhyme as well as the original but the point we're trying to make is that Foursquare has graduated to the level of relevancy that it can bnow be included as a call to action just like the URL and Twitter before it always were.

A new campaign for Gap features an Add to Foursquare button which, when clicked, adds a Gap To Do and offers a 30 percent discount. Mashable reports the online ads are also location aware allowing the To Do associated with a store to pop up when a person is nearby the location they choose.

Once upon a time it was cable that was thought to be the ultimate weapon when it came to micro-targeting. Referred to as addressable advertising, razor focused ads were to be delivered based upon a subscribers location in addition to demographic and psychographic profiles. That didin't pan out too well. And it's complicated.

With location-aware Foursquare and similar services, the user is actively making note of their exact location thereby making it very easy and very simple to serve up a relevant advertisement. It isn't perfect. It never will be. But it's seems a lot closer to the targeting nirvana we all hope to achieve in this business.

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Social