Facebook Hates Breast Feeding


We all know Facebook has a twisted outlook when it comes to privacy and all things related to acceptable content on its site. Writing on Work That Matters, Tom Megginson takes a close look at Facebook's stance on breastfeeding.

With a collection of images that compares the site's apparent love for the sensationalizing of large breasts and apparent disdain for a practice that simply nourishes a child, Megginson points out Facebook's seemingly twisted sense of acceptability when it comes to nudity and the female breast.

Expanding on the point, Megginson writes, "And there you have the hypocrisy. Younger female Facebook users are known for posting questionable 'cleavage' shots of themselves. Nobody complains. Men post semi-pornographic images in the lad's groups, and keep them to themselves. But for some reason, breastfeeding seems to be targeted. I can't imagine what anti-breastfeeding people are doing in groups, pages and photo albums that are clearly intended for people who want to share - and advocate for - the natural feeding of babies. Who on earth is complaining about these pictures?"

Who, indeed? Yes, Megginson is aware Facebook is a private company and can do whatever the hell it wants but with 500 million users across the globe, this censorship reeks of puritanical American hypocrisy. Thoughts?

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Trends and Culture