Babies Curled, Kindle Calmed, Facebook Placed, Meester Gets Wang


- It's not in English but the point is pretty clear: curling is a very, very strange sport.

- Amazon is out with a couple of less threatening Kindle ads that decidedly do not go head to head with Apple's iPad.

- Be sure to check out this week's Beancast in which some idiot named Steve Hall tries to sound like he knows what he's talking about when it comes to Facebook's new Deals offering.

- Murray Newlands is out with a new book, How to Make A Blog Book. Check out the Facebook page too.

- If you're Gossip Girl fan, you'll likely want to check out Leighton Meester in the new Vera Wang campaign when it breaks next summer. It's currently being shot in New York.

- While 3D has made everything stupid, people, apparently like 3D ads.

- If you can endure the excruciatingly slow load time, you can send Mr. and Mrs' Incredible to your Facebook page in celebration of the New generation Festival in Disneyland Paris.

- American Express OPEN has launched Project RE:Brand, a web series on OPEN Forum that follows five leading design and branding experts who have been paired with five small business owners to assess and revitalize their brand identity.

- And yea, here's baby Hoff.

- Want to dine with a random friend? Check out Chili's new Facebook app that will hook you up.

- Pure Matter has a Dead Website Survival Kit for those looking for tips on how to deal with website reconstruction.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-10   Click to Comment   
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