Ten Tips For Crisis Management in Social Media


At a panel held during the recent Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas, ten tips for crisis management in social media emerged. Led by Powered Director of Strategy Valeria Maltoni, the three panelists, Proff Integrated Communications Managing DIrector Dallas Lawrence, Holtz Communication + Technology Founder Shel Holtz and Ford's head of social media Scott Monty shared their views on crisis management in social media.

1. Be sure you have all the facts before you make an accusation. There's always more than one side to the story. Be sure you've heard them all before you call the lawyers.

2. Make sure you are continuously listening and monitoring online conversation about your brand. If you don't, you might end up like United which had it's stock price drop to zero in a day because a blogger published an old story about when the airline actually did go bankrupt.

3. Don't think a blogger is any less than mainstream media. They can sway public opinion just as effectively as major media.

4. Don't bring crisis on yourself. Don't be stupid. In other words, don't be Gap.

5. The news cycle is now. There is no cycle. It is continuous. It is relentless. It can never be ignored. A crisis could happen (and spread like wildfire) at any moment.

6. Involving lawyers is never a food ideas in the management is crisis.

7. If it doesn't threaten your reputation, it's not a crisis. It could very well be an emergency but it's not a crisis.

8. Communicate with the entity "causing" or perpetuating the crisis in the proper channel. Don't call a blogger. Leave a comment on the blog so other readers can see your side of the story.

9. Brands must be continuously involved the conversation. It's much easier to deal with a crisis if you're already active in the space where the problem might be spreading. Have a presence in social media.

10. In addition to having a strong presence in social media, consider contracting with a crisis management firm, like Pier, so that your prepared in advance.

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